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It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds

With over 8 years’ experience, Nildhara Gadani has done it all from teaching young children groovy dance moves to training them in art. If being an artist, dancer and trainer wasn’t enough Nildhara also enjoys doing community service. We caught up with her to discuss what inspires her.

Work Rights Campaign

Students from the English Department participated in the Meld Magazine "Get to Work" Activity which taught them their legal rights at work through a fun and interactive card game.

Operate a Bar - Training at RGIT

Hospitatlity students with their trainer,   learning the performance  outcomes,  skills  and knowledge  required  to prepare a bar for  service,  take drink  orders, prepare and  serve alcoholic  and non-alcoholic  beverages  and close  the bar down.
Drinks Menu : 
- Espresso Martini - Espresso, Vodka, Kahlua
- Mango Daiquiri - Mango, Bacardi, Vodka, Lemon             
- Mojito- Bacardi, Mint, Soda, Lime, Sugar

ECEC Students get Hands On First Aid Training

A special training session was conducted for the Childcare students in first aid. Students learnt how to take care of emergency situations!!!

Student Orientations April Intake

Student Orientations are designed to clear the air and put new students at ease. RGIT had orientations for students for the April Intake in both the Melbourne and Hobart Campus. Staff and Administration got a chance to brief students on what to expect of their student lives here in Australia and at RGIT.

Excursion to The Langham Melbourne

Students of the Hospitality Department recently visited the Langham in Melbourne for an excursion.

Lunch is Served!

Students from the Melbourne and Hobart Campuses cooked up a storm for the RGIT Buffet lunch.

Connect Expo Excursion

The IT Department recently went on an excursion to the Connect Expo in Melbourne. The students had a lot of fun and learnt a whole lot of new things!!

Staff Professional Development Session

RGIT believes in quality service and we understand the importance of keeping our staff up to date with the latest developments in their respective fields and the teaching profession. Every year we conduct a staff professional development session for the same. This years theme was "Assessment Validation".

In Diversity There is Strength

RGIT believes that variety is the spice of life. Without our differences, life would be mundane and boring. Students from Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney celebrated Diversity in their own little ways. It was their way of celebrating togetherness and spreading love.