Winning the Outstanding award was really unexpected. I did not realise I would even qualify for the award, as I was only concentrating on working hard for my assessments.

My mantra in life is: For everything we do in life, we must do our best. Winning the Outstanding award made me feel so grateful to God. I am honoured that RGIT chose me, especially for the joy that this recognition generated in my family and friends in Colombia. They are very proud of me, and making them happy is the most valuable award I could ever win.

I also really appreciate my trainer Sourabh Bhardwaj for being so supportive and dedicated to us. He is always willing to help us whenever we have doubts about a lesson or assessment. He is responsive to the needs of my classmates and myself, which is what I consider the most crucial element in teaching.

After graduating, I am planning to do a Master’s degree. I definitely want to continue studying. My future is in God’s hands, and I am confident that only good things can await me. Finally, I just want to thank the RGIT trainers and staff for supporting us, and in being attentive to our wellbeing.