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Course Description

This course teaches the skills and knowledge required to extract and serve espresso coffee beverages using commercial espresso machines. It requires the ability to advise customers on coffee beverages, select and grind coffee beans, prepare and assess espresso coffee beverages and to use, maintain and clean espresso machines. Complex repairs of equipment would be referred to specialist service technicians.

Participants learn how to:

  • Organise the coffee workstation
  • Select and grind coffee beans
  • Advise customers on espresso coffee beverages
  • Extract and monitor quality of espresso
  • Texture milk
  • Serve espresso coffee beverages
  • Clean espresso equipment


Participants are expected to have basic language, literacy and numeracy skills in order to successfully complete the course.

Course Delivery

Venue: RGIT Australia, LEVEL 6, 28-32 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

Method: This is a classroom-based course that combines lecture, group discussion and workplace simulation using RGIT’s commercially-fitted coffee room.

Course Duration

4 hours


Participants are required to prepare a variety of espresso coffee beverages under the supervision of our trainer and be evaluated on the taste and appeal of their work. There may be written and oral questioning to assess knowledge of types of espresso beverages, types of beans, blends and roasts, preparation methods for espresso coffee. They are required to show competence in basic maintenance and cleaning methods for espresso grinders and machines.


In most instances, participants will be provided with a Certificate of Completion  on the same day.



Call: (03) 8639 9000

Visit: Level 2, 28-32 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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