Meet Daniel: RGIT ELICOS Teacher

Daniel Arnold is a passionate ELICOS teacher with four years of experience. Born and raised in a small village of just 100, Daniel moved to the Canadian capital, Ottawa, for his studies.

There, Daniel obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Linguistics and a Minor in Anthropology, and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second/ Foreign Language. Daniel has diverse experience, having practised how to teach English within the Canadian Refugee English programme interacting with learners who had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from traumatic events in their birth countries. He then participated in an internship in Paris, France, teaching English to single language student groups. He then moved to northeastern China and taught in a public technical college focusing on specialised industry English for tourism and hospitality sectors. He also instructed students on how to conduct interviews in English through intensive classes.

Since moving to Australia in the winter of 2018 ad joining RGIT Australia, Daniel has been teaching students from a variety of countries and backgrounds. Daniel enjoys teaching students to have fun with English through humour, exaggerated expressions and tone. His favourite times teaching are when a grammar point or aspect clicks with a student and they have that lightbulb moment.